The Scent of Bliss – The Baron

The Baron from ZOMGsmells

It won the vote last night, so I wore it today!

The Product Description Sez:
Rich, complex, and powerfully masculine, the Baron is a scent to wear when conquering towns and administrating with a practical-minded, questionably benevolent hand. Bergamot, lavender, and amber mellowed by spiced rum, bay leaf, and cedarwood.

The only word I could really apply to it in the bottle was… complicated. Upon initial uncorking, there was just SO MUCH going on all at once (which isn’t surprising, seeing as how The Baron has his hands full with taming and unifying Europa and keeping peace with Britannia without letting Her Majesty see him as week OR a threat, not to mention the difficulties presented by his own brilliant and stubborn son…) It was woody, plant-tangy, with a sharpness that was faintly metallic, soothed by an exotic spice warmth.

Upon the skin, that combination of metallic and spiciness became all the more pronounced. The woody hit faded as it dried, the tanginess relaxed, and new notes came to the fore, warmer notes: leather, parchment, brandy. Even The Baron needs some downtime – or especially the Baron, if you really think about it, and he demands fine things for what little relaxation he can attain, between keeping a continent to heel beneath his high boot and the irritatingly recurring drama of family.

I applied this around half past eight this morning, so roughly twelve hours have gone by – and The Baron is definitely still there, without reapplication. I am a fan of a scent that can hold out for the long term. What I’m smelling now I suppose is the lavender and amber with a bit of the spiced rum and a hint of cedarwood. It reminds me of nothing so much as it does CBihateperfume’s In The Library, actually. I should do a One On Each Wrist comparison of the two some time.

Overall, I find The Baron to be even better than my expectations. It comes on strong in a good way, making it clear that it has a lot going on and no time to waste. As the day progresses, it quiets, subtles, smooths – becoming finer with age, if you will, and subsiding with watchful grace into administrative duties. Yet it never disappears entirely, and I caught hints of it hither and thither throughout the day. Watching me.

This is currently contending with Jäger #3 for Favorite Smell of the Set.

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