The Scent of Bliss – Jäger #2

Jäger #2 from ZOMGsmells

The product description at the site sez:
Two leafy mints, gnarly patchouli root, balsam, and a speck of black liquorice. Robust! This Jäger likes long walks in the woods, getting caught in the rain, and hitting things with other things.

Two leafy mints indeed! It’s hard to pick out what the mints are exactly; the overall impression is of old school unsweetened mint toothpaste dried on the edge of a porcelain porous sink in a granny’s bathroom. Not very Jägery.

Let me try that again.

On first opening to smell in the bottle, the two mints are all I can really latch on to – it’s as if the Jäger split in two and was using huge bundles of the mints to beat the hell out of each other inside the bottle.

On the skin, the mints were very strong, but there was more to it, a sort of damp earthiness – as if the mints-of-beating had been uprooted whole and dragged wet deep-forest loam up with the roots.

As it dries, it becomes unexpectedly subtle. After a few hours the mints have faded to a background, making way for a soft spicey/earthy combination of the patchouli root and licorice, with a hint of brightness from the balsam. The Jäger tired of the mint fight, snagged a bag of candies, and headed off into the rainwet woods to roam and hunt for a new fight.

This Jäger is surprising. I expected to thoroughly dislike it from the first wetsniff, but have ended up ultimately enjoying what it settles out into after the initial near-harsh blast of mint has gone by. I can see this being in rotation for a day-to-day scent, as long as I have a good half hour before I’m really around anybody, so it has time to dry. There isn’t much last to it, though – while yesterday’s scent (Jäger #3) was still delightfully sniffable on my wrists as I was falling asleep, this one I applied first thing after my morning shower, and again around lunchtime, and I’m having trouble catching the scent of it on my wrists now.

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