The Scent of Bliss – Jager #3

So last week, Eric Milliken was awesome. He’s awesome all the time, actually, but this time it was this flavor of awesome: “I’ve enjoyed your posts here for a long time. They frequently make me laugh which is worth a lot.”

And he decided it was worth buying me a particular set of Squees (1mL samples) from ZOMGsmells, one designed with Girl Genius in mind:

Poor bastard. He had no idea it was going to mean a week straight of me pestering every day to find out if it shipped yet. Now he knows what it is like to be a shipment tracking site at the other end of my refresh key!

They came today! dances happily in a circle

It’s a set of 9 squees in the following scents (and as a bonus, they sent me a Brownie In Motion scrub bar):
Jägers 1, 2,& 3
Nize Hat
The Baron
Nuremburg Pudding Incident
Pirate Queen (on duty)
Pirate Queen (off duty)

I sniffed my way through four of them before I stopped myself; I want to do good proper reviews of them, which means limiting myself to one a day on clean skin.

I began with Jager #3, which is described on the site as follows:

A little dark, a little dirty, but with undeniable sweetness under the rough edges– this is a Jäger to watch out for. No Jäger is subtle, but this one approaches suaveness wearing elephant boots. Dangerously sexy. Olibanum, ginger, toasted cardamom, vetiver, and molasses.

The description is fantastically apt. The scent on first opening is like wet, sweet loam – dark and moist, with just a hint of the molasses. The dirt on the boot of a Jäger.

It smooths and opens on application to the skin. The dark, wet dirt scent is still there, but it’s the scent of dirt thick with freshly-growing spices. The molasses sweetness remains, but with a fascinating tang of the ginger and particularly the cardamom coming through. It’s the cardamom, I’m sure, that reminds me of a particular bread that I’ve only had a few times, thick and dense. The bread a courting Jäger might share with a sveethot.

After a while I catch hints of the olibanum floating through all of it. Almost floral, almost dusty – the hint of years of fight-strewn travel caught up in the brim of a Jäger’s hat.

I think I’m in lurve. I want to have this Jäger on my skin all the time!

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