You’ve found the right Bliss – the one that makes shiny things, and soft things, and knots things together. The one that paints things and sings things. The one that writes very very naughty things. The one that likes a little slap and tickle, especially when the slap makes her gasp. The one that is bringing hashtags into meatspace. The one that told you that funny little joke that one time. The one that made you believe, YES, you really can. The one that earworms you.

Yeah. That Bliss.

For folks who want a taste of my (NSFW) writing, I suggest you start with my erotic microfiction Spaced which you can read for free here at Circlet Press.


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  1. I hope you’re okay, Miss Bliss. Your absence was noticed on Google+ and all the project pages, and your profile are gone. 🙁

    We hope you’re okay.
    Take Care.

    • I am okay, and thank you! The May I? prompt page got suspended, and despite the suspension message claiming it wouldn’t affect my other services, it actually did affect everything. 🙁

      I had to phone-verify to get back in.

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