Nightmare Fuel project

Over on Google Plus, I’ve tripped and fallen into heading a wonderful writing project called Nightmare Fuel.

Every year for the last several years running, nightmares have been a significant issue for me at this time of year. From September through November I’ve suffered nightmares, sometimes nightly, and sometimes so very bad as to literally lose sleep for days on end. I am tired (so to speak) of my brain messing with my waking life this way, so this year I decided to preempt my mental nasties by writing a bit of suspense or horror every day throughout October.

A lot of people liked this idea, asking to join in, and it has snowballed.

Every day throughout October 2011, I am posting a prompt image in the morning, and my fic response to it in the evening. There are many people doing the same. There is so much of it and it is so good that I am going to carry on the prompts over here on WordPress as well, and encourage everybody and anybody who wants to play to join in.

The rules:
– If you repost the prompt image, you MUST credit the original artist and provide linkback. I’ve sought permission and promise linkback credit and attribution to these folks who have so graciously agreed to be our muse.
– Writing every day is not required (except for me), but you can definitely write every day if you want to.
– There is no wordcount requirement.
– You are not allowed to beat yourself up if you meet a day, or three, or all of the month except for a day.

Connect to me on Google Plus if you want to share and post your work there; the original Nightmare Fuel callpost is here:

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