The Scent of Bliss – Pharaoh

Pharaoh from Solstice Scents

The Official Product Description Sez:
This oil has been reformulated from the original blend as of 2013. It smells very close to the original, almost identical. Pharaoh is a fragrance comprised primarily of the long-established, popular and neutral scent of Egyptian Musk spiked with just a few drops of Frankincense Essential Oil and a splash of honey far in the background. It is a beautiful, very soft fragrance that is perfect for wearing when you’re looking for something understated and muted but would like to smell clean. It is a truly wonderful unisex fragrance that has a slight tinge of the exotic and is clean, fresh, mild, natural and has just the slightest hint of a floral. The frankincense is very soft and detectable solely upon application. After that, it takes a back seat and really is more of a note adding depth rather than one standing as identifiable. The honey is a very mild natural honey and does not contain the almond notes that other honey blends have.

Bllllaaaauuuugggghhhhh. I have a lot of words for this scent, but none of them are “clean” or “fresh” or “mild” or “floral. DX

In the bottle, it was truly intriguing. It was Sweet with hint of understated spice, warm – like fresh bread baked with cardamom in. There was just a whisper of something dark and dusky, like near-decaying moist vegetation overhanging the edge of the Nile.

Then I put it on my skin. It lost a lot of the sweetness, and that dark dank scent began to take over. It was like wet cardamom bread, with a hint of something waxy, something animal; the closest I could come was lanolin. It smelled familiar, but I couldn’t exactly place it, so this was when I went to actually look at the product description (which I usually don’t until I’m getting ready to make this post, to keep my impressions unskewed/unspoiled.

The scent I’d not been able to identify could only be the Egyptian Musk, and the longer I wore this oil, the more it took over, to the point where that was the only smell there was. It was strong, and thick, and I personally found it unpleasant. My only previous experience with animal musk was when my cat was in heat back in the day. I wasn’t even wearing this perfume for an hour when I started to get a headache, and all I could think about was feline estrus.

I only had it on for a little under two hours before, for the sake of my aching head and unhappy brains, I jumped in the shower to scrub clean.

Like always, this scent may react differently to your own body chem, but it’s awful on mine. I don’t want to smell like a horny cat. I don’t want to risk migraines from my applied scent. This one is most definitely in the Scents I’m Going To Give Away list, along with Nize Hat.

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