Bliss Walks Into An Alliance-Friendly Bar on U-Day

Posting about my exciting day – a long story made short, I have a new email address, because I got banned from GooglePlus.

I KNOW, RIGHT?! No, chillax a second, put down the pitchforks, because clearly, I am still here. As Deckard Cain would say, “Stay a while, and listen!”

I woke up at 8-ish this morning, rolled over, and grabbed my mobile to check my email. There were no emails newer than 1:30AM, not long after I went to bed, and my mobile kept insisting that I had my password wrong. WTFever, I’ll fix it on my laptop later, I figured, and switched over the G+ app. (You see how I roll? Not even out of bed and I’m looking to check in and make sure all y’all are doing good.)

What I got was an inability to log in; instead, I got a message saying there had been unusual activity with my account, and I needed to verify either by text message or voice call. Me, voice call? Pft. I’m rarely a phone kinda girl. I went with the text message, and logged in, and hit my notifications. The very first one I saw was from +Tejas Richard wondering why he couldn’t plus me at all, or see my posts, or profile, or anything. Was I banned? Had something dire happened to me? Here’s the #BringBackBliss hashtag! He wasn’t the only one, just the one I saw first.

Confused more than anything, I got up, started Thing One on the getting-ready-for-school routine, and hit the laptop – where after a little searching I discovered that my May I? erotica prompts page was suspended. One of the images, you may recall, got flagged last week. It was a great image, too, a pair of lesbians shot from above, one in a wedding dress and the other… well, most of the way under it. Committed relationship sexytimes! That kind of thing is hot, IMO. As is safe sex, which is why I was so stoked about the image I found to post yesterday, which involved two men in flagrante delicto with a prophylactic most definitely in use. Love, sex, responsibility, safety – HOTNESS!

But I guess someone didn’t agree, or several someones, because the May I? page was suspended. The page I’d made specifically so that people had to know it and go find it to participate and see the images. The page I’d made so as to entirely avoid accidental sexytimes showing up in the streams of the folks following me who don’t want to see sexytimes in their stream, because right now there are not any good SafeSearch type filtering options in place for stream viewing, and I RESPECT the people who choose to follow me who don’t want to see certain things, or who may want to see such things but not while at work, or with small people around, or whatever their situation and desire may be. But despite this effort I made, someone or someones flagged it out.

The interesting part is that the suspension notice on the page specifically states: This suspension does not affect your personal Google+ profile, any other Google+ pages you may have created, or other Google services. This is proven to be untrue. I couldn’t get to my email, even, until I’d verified.

This made it quite clear to me that I needed some non-Google contacts. My IMs are now listed in my profile, and my other contact info is there as it always has been. (Please don’t call me, I really hate phonecalls I’m not expecting. Texts are fine.) I also, with the help of the fantastic Adrian Hawkins and the amazeballs Adrian Colley managed to get my website-related email up and running through Thunderbird. (There shall be from this day forth an official Adrians Day in Blisstopia, every May 21st!)

It’s – please, send me an email so that I have your contact info. Add my IMs.

This morning I nearly lost all contact with the people who have kept me sane, encouraged me, given me hope in myself and the world, and made me realize that by believing the best of people, that folks are intelligent and worthy of my respect… I will discover it to be true, that people are intelligent and worthy of my respect. I have been and continue to be honored to have such an entrenched place among so many amazing people, but today I saw how easily that entire (and significant) piece of my world could be ripped away. The more I think about it, the more irrationally terrified a part of me becomes.

I don’t want to lose you.

So please, email me. This place is great in part because of the gadgets, but mostly because of you. I don’t expect anything like this to happen again, but then I didn’t expect it in the first place. If somehow it had to happen, I could live without the Google services. I don’t want to have to live without all of you now that I’ve found you.

And seriously, stow the pitchforks. It was a fair cop. What Google needs is not rage and ranting, but a better system by which people can dynamically filter the content in their streams, like SafeSearch does on Google text and image searches. I strongly encourage you to send them feedback to that effect. Not only will it give users more control over what they see, and when, but it’ll take a load off their admining because they won’t have to spend nearly so much time dealing with people flagging content that’s legal, but that they simply don’t want to see.

Also, if you were following the May I? page… please comment here or contact me privately so I can get you into my May I? circle for the rest of the month’s prompts.

Oh right, look at me being all seriouscakes. Here, sex and nightmares!


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