Nightmare Fuel: Day 7

So no shit, there I was, minding my own business, right – like you do when you’re at work, y’know. I was sitting there, in my cube, trying to finish up the Total Production Summary report, and it was the end of the day on Friday, and I just wanted to get it DONE so I didn’t have to go back in the next day to complete the damn thing, or hear all about it on Monday.


I was just sitting there and the whole cube went dim. I mean, there was some light from the overhead, y’know, but most of my light comes from the windows, sort of bouncing off the pale grey wall outside the doorway of my cubical. I figured it was just Milton, y’know? I’m not sure if that guy even ever goes home, the way he just hovers all the time. Someone once told me he actually sleeps behind the file shelves in the basement, and I wouldn’t put it past him, he just creeps me right the fuck out, y’know?


So I was like, “What do you need, Milty? I’m kinda in the middle of something, here.” And my cube got dimmer, and I could feel him behind me, like he stepped all he way into the doorway, and I just waited for him to mumble at me like he does. But he was quiet, and that was weird enough even for that freaking weirdo that I spun my chair.


And there it was. This huge blob, taller than Lumbergh even, dark like someone spilled ink all over a gigantic beanbag chair or something, except I never saw any beanbag chair with eyes like that, shiny and yellow and red, and it was looking down at me and I hope to god I didn’t actually piss myself, even though I totally felt like I had to then, seeing a thing like that.


It had about fifty tentacles, like a squid without suckers, or tree roots or whatever, and they just sort of unfurled out the front of it, and reached past me to grope around on my desk. Fucker knocked my Total Production Summary on the floor! Then it poked in my pen cup with one of them, and another yanked my stapler out from behind my Out tray. It made the weirdest noise then, almost like a sigh, but garbled, like somebody sighing through a vat of oil, y’know? It dropped my stapler.


Then all those tentacles curled around me and dragged me straight in, and here we are, you and me. So I don’t know about you, but I really can’t see much of anything. And it’s wet in here, I’m getting it all over my skin and starting to itch, and I can’t even get a good scratch in because the thing keeps moving around. I hope I don’t get a rash. Y’know?


This piece of Nightmare Fuel was inspired by this picture supplied by G+ user Kary Gaul:

See more of Kary’s work on DeviantArt as Watyrfall.

For more info on the Nightmare Fuel project, click here.

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