The Scent of Bliss – Madboy

Madboy by ZOMGsmells

The Official Product Description Sez:
This scent is the scent of mad genius hard at work. There’s leather toolbelts and handy restraints, of course. And over here, the shelf of glutinous unguents and resins imported in plain brown wrappers…a scrim of dust on the old projects that no-one is allowed to discuss…

…and a bit of that unknowable SPLAZANG that gives a creation LIFE! NEW LIFE! HA HA HA HAAAAAAaaaaa….

That description is fantastically in line with my own experience of this scent, and I’m going to go out of my way to tag in +Amanda Rachelle Warren on this one because I think she’d fall in lurve with it.

In the bottle, the very first thing that hit me was the scent of leather that I think of as ballet slipper leather; it’s a leather that is bright and fresh and warm and flexible and soft to the touch. There was an inexplicable sweetness with it as well, that I could only nail down as slush puppy or candy on an apple. All these were smeared with the scent of oil and salves, with a tang of electricity running through it. Ever put your tongue across the prongs of a 9V battery? That taste. That’s the smell.

…stop looking at me like that, I never said I wasn’t weird. (And a Madgirl needs to understands all aspects of what she’s got to work with.)

On the skin, these all smoothed, but none of it really fell away. My first skinwet notation specifically is Leeaatthherrr and that was handwritten, so you know I mean it. Leather smeared with oil, and stained a bit with a hint of what comes across is a spiced candy, though I like that in the OPD it’s put up to unguents and resins. I can completely roll with that. Bookending that spiced sweetness is the subtler scent of oiled metal, balancing out the warm leather.

The life on this is pretty long – 24 hours after putting it on, there’s still a hint of it on the wrists, and a slightly strong whiff of it still in the décolleté. Something that holds on so strong, it’s going to be a pity to wash off. But wash I will, and not just because I have all my own smelliness to deal with – I need to wear a new scent today!

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