The Scent of Bliss – Outpost

Outpost from Solstice Scents

The Official Product Description Sez:
Sugar Crystals, Spruce, Fir, Soft Woods, Bayberry, Mistletoe, Amber

A Best Seller! A beacon of light amidst cold, desolate wilderness. Pass through a copse of young evergreens into a warm cedar cabin and thaw out under a soft Afghan blanket by a blazing fire while sugared treats from the kitchen fill the air. Notes include sugar crystals, spruce, fir, a medley of soft woods including sandalwood, agar, cedar, aloeswood, patchouli, guaiacwood, bayberry, mistletoe and a touch of amber.

On opening the bottle, the scents that hit me were strongly organic; they hit the nose as clove oranges, lemongrass, tea – the kind of things one would consume at a remote and distant outpost cabin to sooth the spirit and stave off scurvy.

Hitting the skin, these scents shifted and yet remained: it was clove tea, sweetened with honey. The citrus tint of orange and lemongrass remained but it was as if were drinking said tea from a warm and polished-smooth-from-use wooden mug in front of a fire.

Now, some twelve hours later, the scent remains distinct upon the skin, but has shifted again to be almost entirely woody and sweet. The fire has burned down, leaving behind only the scent of the wood for tomorrow’s burn warmed and dried upon the hearth, and the remnants of powdered sugar in the air from a long-since-eaten dessert.

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