The Scent of Bliss – Morgan (Le) Fay

Morgan Fay (or Morgan Le Fey) by Possets Perfume

Official Product Description Sez:
Dark and richly incense-filled, heavy with spice and not tame, Morgan le Fey is most unusual and supremely attractive. Flowers meet patchouli and collide with spices. Instead of becoming a confused mish-mash it contains a singular character and is captivating. If darkly romantic perfumes are your passion, try Morgan le Fey and don’t be surprised by its addicting properties.

Upon opening the bottle, it took me a moment to start picking out separate notes. It initially just hit as being thickly sweet. After the few moments that heady, full sweetness (which somehow managed to steer clear of cloying) revealed a hint of almost molassesy darkness at the center. These two main notes twined together, floral vying with woody.

Once upon the skin, I found it to be still sweet, but less dominantly so – the florals were losing the battle to that dark woodiness. It was heavily woody and musty – a grainy sort of a smell, reminiscent of cedar chest full of chamomile.

It was that last impression that stuck with me as I wore this throughout the day. What I found really fascinating was how the note changed according to the proximity of the scent to my nose. If I was just doing something with my hands and the scent wafted up, it was most definitely the floral sweetness, but if I actually put nose to wrist and inhaled, I got no flowers at all, only cedar.

Darkly romantic does seem a good phrasing to describe this one. My only complaint is that I wish it might have lasted longer (but then, isn’t that so often the way of darkly romantic entanglements?). 12 hours after application, my wrists give my nothing. I smell like only skin. Even so, I was still able to get a hint of cedar at dinnertime, so this is certainly a scent that could last all day with a single midday reapplication.

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