The Scent of Bliss – Pirate Queen (on duty)

Pirate Queen (On Duty) by ZOMG Smells

The Official Product Description Sez:
Can’t burn the town? Mustn’t burn the town? Even just a little tiny bit? No? Well, phooey. A layer of sweetness and light just barely obscuring the urge to LOOT AND BURN AT WILL.

Maybe later?

Sticky, sugary kheer, golden raisins, and sandalwood incense over golden amber and khus.

I was belated with my last scent choice, and this one, delightfully, had a good showing of interest – including my own. Just what exactly would a Foglion Pirate Queen smell like? There was only the cracking of the bottle to find out, and

DRAGONSBLOOD! Blood and fire, and an unexpected threading of sweet cherry/raspberry syrup running through it all, landing on the unsteady edge of something hard, harsh, sharp.

Like the landing of the lash, I had to have it upon my skin in short order.

That sweetness followed through, but it was stirred in with fresh ashes still hot from the burning, like syrup in the fireplace but on a far larger scale. As it faded away on the breeze, I found myself contemplating hot leather and the cool canvas of an airship canopy, and the chill of almost ozoney air as I sailed away on the gusts far above the remnants of my pillaging.

It was, I told my significant other, I smelled of strawberries and destruction, and I looked very much forward to having him in the midst of a cloud of this scent. It encouraged me to be aggressive, to feed my base hungers.

More than twelve hours later, the scent lingers sweetly, as much as the hungers it inspired; they are as treacherous in covering their darker depths.

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