Moving Day! and a new publication

That’s right, I moved! No, not in meatspace… but here! A lot of it probably looks pretty much the same, which means the move was successful, but when you look up at the URL you’ll see that I’m at no longer. Thanks to the fantastic Thenuinn, I’ve got my own digs here at! There will be a lot going on of the next few dys and weeks as I feel out and set up my space – unpacking my gags and boxen, if you will.

As I’m doing so, don’t think I’ll be leaving you without anything to do. Oh no! In fact, I have a fantastic thing to show you.

You may recall back in October of 2011, when I started a project to try and stave off the Nightmare Season that plagues me every fall by writing horror fiction every day, and a ton of people jumped on board. Well, one of those people was a gentleman by the name of Matt Champine tightened up several of the stories that he wrote during the course of the month and has put it out as an eBook Рfor which I have written the foreward! I highly recommend you get a copy, not only for my foreward (In which I am Chatty McChattypants about the Nightmare Fuel Project and about how great a tool is social media for making things like this happen) but also for the more than a dozen pieces of short horror fiction, all for under three dollars.

Click here for Matt Champine’s Cold Shivers¬†on Amazon.

Congratulations, Matt, and thank you!

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